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        HPC Ceramic Resistors for Anti Pulse?Surge

        HPC Ceramic Resistors for Anti Pulse?Surge

        Product classification:【KOA_Speer】

        Function overview:

        ?KOA original bulk ceramic resistors.
        ?Excellent in anti-pulse characteristics.
        ?Higher reliability against disconnection compared to
        wirewound resistors and film resistors.
        ?Products meet EU-RoHS requirements.
        ?Non-lnductive resistors.
        ?AEC-Q200 Tested.
        ? High voltage circuits for X-ray generators and electron
        ? Power supply circuits for machine tools, etc.
        ? Active discharge resistors for EV.
        ■Reference Standards
         IEC 60115-1
         JIS C 5201-1

        product details

        The stock models are complete and the stock is sufficient! Spot hotline: 0755-27801113

        Click to download HPC series specifications.




        HPC高壓電阻KOA high voltage resistor1



        KOA high voltage resistor2



        KOA high voltage resistor3



        KOA high voltage resistor4



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