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        NXP showcases HPMS & SP innovations at CES 2012

        Release time:2015-11-18 16:58:51

        NXP showcases HPMS & SP innovations at CES 2012

        December 05, 2011
        The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest B2B trade event, held annually in Las Vegas, USA. If you are planning to attend CES 2012 (10-13 January), be sure to stop by the NXP booth for your chance to see our most advanced and innovative technologies for identification, automotive, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. We invite you to visit us in the CES Central Plaza (booth: CP8) to experience this innovation first hand!
        We will be showcasing a variety of exciting technologies to empower your designs today, as well as offering a ‘sneak peak’ into some of the new technologies coming out of our central research and development team.
        Here are some highlights of what we will be showing in the NXP Booth:
        • The latest in smart lighting and smart home network technology.
        • Solutions for fully connected automotive applications, including the world’s first NFC-enabled e-Bike, and the latest digital radio solutions for in-car entertainment.
        • A full near field communication (NFC) experience featuring payments, tag reading and device pairing.
        • A selection of leading high performance mixed signal and standard product demonstrations, including silicon tuner, HDMI, MCU, mobile audio and interface product solutions.
        • An array of inspiring solutions from NXP’s research and development team.
        During the show we will share regular updates on nxp.com – including photos and videos of the demonstrations – so if you are not attending you won’t miss out!


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